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Mlky Way Across Your Map

Multi-Disciplinary Artist

An artist with a dream, Mlky Way had been chasing a dream he set out to chase since he was eight years old. To paint a picture for the world to see, a set of stories turned into movies series that he would soon wear with pride. Mlky Way works on a variety of different projects but is mainly a writer and character designer.

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What am I?

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Series I've worked on

Knight Over the Horizon_009.png

Knight Over The Horizon

Kreytailia sets out to save her mother from the clutches of an evil knight of another world. Surrounded by monsters, she somehow finds a way to make friends amongst all the darkness.

Ben sets out to solve the mystery behind his girlfriend's murder after she had fallen victim to a series of murders within their town. Will he be able to find out who bears the mask behind the knife, or will the killer find him first?




The Glory In Failure

Violet's boyfriend and lead singer of the band Glory in Failure goes falls victim to the city's mysterious occurrence of disappearance amongst its people. After being told that her boyfriend's disappearance was a lost cause by the lead detective, Violet faces her inner demons and overcomes her past as she fights to find the truth.

De Detson follows his son into the Dream Verse and finds himself caught in the middle of a three-way war to control the fate of all of the Dream Verse. He discovers a band of nemeses and a harsh fate of whats to come as he fights to defend his son from the hands of those who seek to use his power for evil.

IMG_4265 (1).PNG

We follow Diem and Ruby as these two kids partake on an adventure of their friendship and whats to come of their childhood!

Drako the Dragon is learning how to fly and plenty other accomplishments alongside his new friend the butterfly! What joyous adventure awaits, what will Drako and the butterfly do next?

Drako and the butterfly Front Cover.png

Petal Rose Lake

Finity is born and balance to the world's order is broken with the coming of unimaginable power. Both witches and knights alike seek the child in order to control the tides of war in coven vs the order of Tamlocke. Finities uncle Janyel is faced with learning witch craft to protect his niece from either side as he battels monsters of his own.

Sanny and Frey set out on their own to discover the beauty that lingers underneath all the chaos of war in the Dream Verse. Tunoxwei discovers a hidden truth, as color fills the Dream Verse once more. Follow Sanny and Frey as they venture through the Dream Verse and discover new friends along the way!


Dreamy Ventures with Sanny and Frey

Series To Be Announced


The Hallowed Kingdom

In a fierce battle for the throne, the Hallowed Kingdom is the ancestrial battleground in a fight for power amongst gods and hybrids til the end of time! Superheroes and champions unite to stand guard and protect Earth and the Hallowed Kingdom from the clutches of the once-forgotten hallowed king as his darkness overtakes all who stand before him.

After the destruction of Earth, the nomads seek a new planet to call home, only to find chaos amongst the beauty of their travels.


Star Gazers

If Love Could War

Vampires, love, war, action, apocalypse....

Shall I say more? Guess we'll just have to wait and find out if romance and survival can stand a chance in a world overtaken by, that's right....


One of my all-time, tear-jerking, favorite series ever written. 

Not just your stereo typical zombie apocalypse, it is a legacy of warriors starting with with three people but carried across generations

Death of Silence

Reflected Worlds

The mirror master creates the monstrosities known as the reflected to keep him company after years spent in the solitude of the mirrorverse. Only to want more power! So he tricks the mortal world into swapping places with the reflected, and those who survive are hunted as prey.

A century-long feud amongst clans is broken after two clans come together to have a child. The child is hidden once news comes out of his birth and is shipped away to live amongst a nearby town away from the island. 

Once the boy grows old enough, he sets out to find the truth of his real parents and stop an ongoing war of rivaling ninja clans.

From the Outside World


With the emergence of kaiju, civilization is thrown into fear. 

Warriors rise amongst the chaos to protect mankind from the beasts from beyond as they continue their invasion from the trenches of the ocean. 

Mech vs Beast, who stands a chance at staying on top?

A couple moves to live in the forest only to find out, they're not the only ones living there...

This series ranges from your traditional horror experience, to an action-packed adventure with plenty of twists and turns! I can't wait to introduce you guys to this series when the time comes!

Lost In The Dark



AN ancient tribe is met with a coming invader of the future but of another world. Conspiracies and distrust break out amongst the tribe as there are those who believe it is real and those who don't...

I guess we'll just have to wait to see who's right...

If you love rooting for the underdog, you're my kind of person, and this series is right for you. We follow a Zbot created to rid the world of a robotic apocalypse and save what remains of mankind.

But here's the thing, imagine a world of robot/zombie/freaks of nature that solely exist to kill humans...

Sentient Waves

Peacock Headshot Off.jpg

Celestrial Paradise

In a war of angels and demons for the mortal plane, a Bridgeway between all three is born, the champion of angels, and the coming of war, the newborn becomes a soldier in the celestial war with the vision to create a paradise for all to live together harmoniously.

In this series, we follow Pixty in the aftermath of Kretailia continuing her adventure elsewhere. Pixty starts school in a village miles away from home and is faced with balancing her secret powers and a normal life as she protects the village from the shadows of the monsters that come out at night!

Oh right, did I forget to mention she joins a band?

It's Pixty!


DarkFire Chronicles

I really wish I could say more, but my fear of spoiling this series for you guys outweighs my desire to tell you guys without spoiling anything. 

Let's just say, this series is an emotional adventure surrounded by beautiful worlds and characters I hold close to my heart. I really love making this series and I hope you guys love it just as much as I do.

If you want a hint of what it's about, Rooted Dream Adventures is a mini spin-off series of this beautifully constructed series. 

Half Blood and the five horsemen

All im going to say is that this series follows the epic adventure of a background character from If Love Could War. But a little less romance and soo soo much more action!

So What Is It That I do?

Character Designer

Services Offered

Static and Reclining

2-7 Point Head Close Up Turn Around

-2P $15, -3P $20, -4P $22

-5P $23, -6 $24, -7 $25

2-7 Point Half Body Turn Around

-2P $20, -3P $25, -4P $27

-5P $28, -6 $29, -7 $30

2-7 Point Full Body Turn Around

-2P $30, -3P $35, -4P $37

-5P $38, -6 $39, -7 $40

2-7 Point Gear and No Gear Full Body Turn Around

-2P $50, -3P $55, -4P $57

-5P $58, -6 $59, -7 $60

Profile Picture $30

Pose Sheets $45

Gesture Sheets $45

Detailed Idea Exhaustion Sheets $80

Detailed Paperdoll Exhaustion SHeets $70

Greyscale or Monotone Idea Exhaustion Sheets $60

Dynamic and Action

2-7 Point Head Close Up Turn Around

-2P $30, -3P $35, -4P $37

-5P $38, -6 $39, -7 $40

2-7 Point Half Body Turn Around

-2P $40, -3P $45, -4P $47

-5P $48, -6 $49, -7 $50

2-7 Point Full Body Turn Around

-2P $60, -3P $65, -4P $67

-5P $68, -6 $69, -7 $70

2-7 Point Gear and No Gear Full Body Turn Around

-2P $90, -3P $95, -4P $97

-5P $98, -6 $99, -7 $100

Profile Picture $60

Magic, Elemental Bending, Super Power display Sheets $90

Detailed Idea Exhaustion Sheets $120

Detailed Paperdoll Exhaustion SHeets $110

Greyscale or Monotone Idea Exhaustion Sheets $100

Facial Expression Sheets $50

Full Body Expression Sheets $80

Movement Sheets $85

Tool, Weapon, and Utility Display $100

Visual Developer

Services Offered

-External Architecture Sketches $80

-Interior design and Decoration $85

-Floor Plans $75

-Object and Prop Design sheets $60

--Architecture Based Warping sheets $70

-Object and Prop based warping sheets $50

-Character Based Warping sheets $60

-Complete Book of World Building (Narrative Bible) $150

-Post Cards $90

Concept Artist

Services Offered

-Character Sheets Listed under Character Design Section

-Visual Development sheets listed under visual development section

-Complete Pitch Deck presentation $50

-Weapon and Prop Design $50


Services Offered

-Comic Page $60

-Comic Book $85

-Short Comic Book Series (up to 3 books) $100

-Graphic Novel $120

-Comic Strip $50

-Webtoon Episode $80

-Webtoon Series TBD


Ping Pong

Services Offered

-Script Writing for Comics TBD

-Script and Story Writing for Webtoons $130

-Script Writing for Video Game Projects TBD

-Story Pitches TBD


Services Offered

-Webtoons TBD

-Comics TBD

-Animations TBD

-Video Games TBD

-Stop Motion TBD

-Motion Picture TBD


Services Offered

-For Comics TBD

-Webtoons TBD

-Graphic Novels TBD

-Comic strips TBD

-Cover Art TBD

-Illustrations TBD

-Color Pallets TBD

Cover Art

Services Offered

-Novels TBD

-Comics TBD

-Thumbnails, profile pics, etc for Webtoons TBD

Promotional Illustration

Services Offered

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Educational and informative art

Services Offered

Submit custom request for project idea

Children's Books
and Stories

Services Offered

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